Traveler's Guide

Time Zone: GMT+8, same as Mainland China, Taiwan or Singapore.

Currency: Hong Kong Dollar, pegged with the US Dollar at around HKD$7.8 to USD$1

Language: Cantonese, English and Mandarin

Geography: Hong Kong Island + Kowloon + New Territories

Voltage: 220 Volt, 50 Hertz.

Water Supply: Clean, but most local residents boil the water before drinking.

Taxes: Tax Free

Transportation: Hong Kong is a well-equipped transportation network and provides a variety of accessible transport options - Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is the most efficient way to reach out all spots in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and even New Territories. Numerous routes of trams, buses, and ferries are another options for visitors to explore Hong Kong conveniently and safely on their own.

Weather: Seasons

October to early December
  • ~20°C
  • clear sunny skies and low humidity
Mid-December to February
  • ~10°C-17°C
  • warm clothing is required
March to April
  • ~20°C-25°C
  • humid, sometimes reach 100%
May to September
  • ~30°C- 35°C.
  • Heavy rainfall and frequent tropical typhoons



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