Block Chain Technology:

CSDs across the globe are actively exploring the opportunities presented by the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and focusing on applications developed by block chain technology to create process efficiencies, new revenue streams and cost savings. Given the nascent state of the technology - especially for the capital market - CSDs are uncertain about the extent the technology will live up to its promise as well as the hidden risks. In this session, the panelists will talk about the features, benefits and associated challenges arisen from Distributed Ledger Technology.

Innovation & Diversification:

Nowadays, the role of CSDs has gone beyond their original role as a central securities record keeper. An increasing number of CSDs are offering auxiliary services previously unheard of such as "Skill Registry" and "Services to the Insurance Industry". To minimize the dependence on the capital market and to be more financially resilient, CSDs' tendency towards product diversification is inevitable. Selected business cases will be presented in this session.

Issuer and Investor Related Services Offered by CSDs:

CSD associations will carry out a study on how and what services CSDs can bring to issuers and investors. The study will be summarised in three aspects covering corporate actions, shareholder information and general meetings.

Elite Panel on the Industry's Outlook:

This is a flagship session of WFC conferences where executive industry visionaries present their insights on the trends and outlook for the CSD industry.

Settlement Efficiency & Post-trade Reforms:

Recent changes in the post-trade industry including, inter alia, implementation of T2S in Europe and shortening of settlement cycles across the world have posted significant impacts on the post-trade industry players. In this session, we will address issues such as measurement of settlement efficiencies, best practices, tools and/or incentive schemes to minimize settlement failure.

Digital Strategy for CSDs:

It is important to understand how CSDs are aligning themselves with the latest trends and features of the digital era we live in. Experts from top consulting firms will be sharing their perspectives for CSDs to plan a visionary strategy.

Cyber Security:

Financial institutions are facing a rising number of electronic threats that could compromise the safe and efficient operation of FMIs. Therefore preventing cyber-attacks and enhancing cyber resilience are no doubt the "top-of-mind" concerns in most organizations. With the issuance of The Guidance on Cyber Resilience for Financial Market Infrastructures in June 2016 by CPMI IOSCO, the panelists will share their experiences on addressing and mitigating this threat.

Servicing New Asset Types:

"Out-of-network" asset classes are creating exceptional challenges and risks to global custodians who provide traditional custodial services, namely safekeeping and supervisory services, to clients with respect to these assets. This session will discuss about the nature of these "out-of-network" asset classes, limitations of existing CSD framework, as well as relevant legal and best practice framework to perform those functions.

Cross Border CSD Linkages:

Depositories are strengthening their competitive advantage by expanding their global reach through linkages with other CSDs. Shanghai and Shenzhen Connect between China and HK are prime examples of collaboration through linkages. In this session, we will explore further examples and discuss the challenges and opportunities in the creation of cross-border CSD linkages.

Investor Protection & Asset Safety:

CSD takes the responsibility to provide secured infrastructure and best practice to minimise investors' risk exposure. In this session, we will discuss what CSDs can offer to strengthen investor protection from daily operational risks.

CSD Risk Management:

CSDs have unique risks associated with their functions and design. This session aims to identify the different types of risks and threats to which a CSD is exposed, measures to mitigate these risks, and appropriate plans for its recovery or orderly wind-down strategies.

Expectations of Stakeholders from CSDs:

This is a new session to the WFC conference, where different CSD stakeholders including global custodians, stock exchanges, regulators, vendors and others will share their thoughts on the services of CSDs as well as their expectations on CSDs in the changing business environment.

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